Penggunaan Kata Depan "AT" "IN" "ON" pada Keterangan Tempat

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Penggunaan Preposisi "at" "in" dan "on" pada keterangan tempat,  Prepositions of Place.

Penggunaan preposisi at/in/on pada umumnya :

  • at for a POINT 
  • in for an ENCLOSED SPACE
  • on for a SURFACE
Contoh penggunaannya :
at the cornerin the gardenon the wall
at the bus stopin Londonon the ceiling
at the doorin Franceon the door
at the top of the pagein a boxon the cover
at the end of the roadin my pocketon the floor
at the entrancein my walleton the carpet
at the crossroadsin a buildingon the menu
at the front deskin a caron a page

Contoh lainnya :
  • Jane is waiting for you at the bus stop.
  • The shop is at the end of the street.
  • My plane stopped at Dubai and Hanoi and arrived in Bangkok two hours late.
  • When will you arrive at the office?
  • Do you work in an office?
  • I have a meeting in New York.
  • Do you live in Japan?
  • Jupiter is in the Solar System.
  • The author's name is on the cover of the book.
  • There are no prices on this menu.
  • You are standing on my foot.
  • There was a "no smoking" sign on the wall.
  • I live on the 7th floor at 21 Oxford Street in London.
Contoh penggunaan at/in/on dalam kehidupan sehari-hari :
at homein a caron a bus
at workin a taxion a train
at schoolin a helicopteron a plane
at universityin a boaton a ship
at collegein a lift (elevator)on a bicycle, on a motorbike
at the topin the newspaperon a horse, on an elephant
at the bottomin the skyon the radio, on television
at the sidein a rowon the left, on the right
at receptionin Oxford Streeton the way

sumber :
nb: tulisan ini hanya dipermudah agar para pembaca khususnya dari Indonesia dapat dengan mudah memahaminya.

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